Completed Club Teams


Any and all representatives of the HWSL must be paid members. 

This is a separate club team for non-playing individuals who wish to represent the HWSL or any of its registered teams. This registration is NOT required for team sponsors.

Individuals who wish to represent our league (but do not wish to take the field) may join the below club team and pay a $25 membership fee.

If any non-playing member wishes to take the field for any reason (as a base coach, DH, or any other position), she may do so ONE time without the need to pay our required $20 tryout fee. Her tryout fee is included in her $25 non-playing member fee. 

However, if a non-playing member wishes to play MORE THAN ONCE, she will need to register with a playing team and pay dues within the appropriate league HERE and will be issued a refund of their non-playing member dues. Please contact the Team and Player Coordinator for details or to request a refund on this basis.

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